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Featured Jewelry Designer

Trios Studio~Trios Studio is a a place where truly unique design, exquisite craftsmanship, taking the time to treat every creation with special care — you’ll find this and more at Trios' Studio where Deborah, Mary and Kathe will share their knowledge and passion for gemstones and jewelry design with you, collaborating with clients while designing personal jewelry that fits your style.

 This creative journey includes unparalleled access to Fair Trade Gems, recycled precious metals, Canadian diamonds and the use of sustainable practices in all aspects of creating amazing, one of a kind jewelry. Additionally, Trios features its own limited designs that you won’t find elsewhere.

The designer/goldsmiths at Trios have the expertise to create from your idea, even when it is only a concept.  In depth exploration, sketching, drawing, and hand carving of a wax model are all tools we use in the creation of the perfect piece of jewelry. It is cast, pre-finished, set and final polished right in the studio.


3 Monroe Pkwy. Suite I

Lake Oswego, OR. 97035     

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